Why Switch To Firefox?

Because Microsoft Windows has over 95% of the operating system market share, you're probably using a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer to view this page. Internet Explorer (especially version 6 an under) is well known to have many internal flaws and glitches that make it extremely vulnerable to viruses and spyware, and it has many other issues such as inconsistent display behavior and poor support for Web Standards.

Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer (IE) in the areas of security, display, speed, upgrades, and support for Web Standards, and is quickly overtaking IE in browser market share. In addition to lacking the many problems of IE, Firefox has a growing collection of more than 2000 free "add-ons" such as FireFTP, a powerful and easy to use ftp client, and Sage, a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator. Unlike IE, Firefox updates painlessly in the background so you never have to worry about keeping up to date with the latest version.

Firefox is free, installs in less than a minute, and easily imports all settings and bookmarks from IE. Your installation of IE and all its settings will remain untouched, so you can use both Firefox and IE or switch back to IE if you're unhappy. So give Firefox a try and join the web browser revolution.

On a personal note, the designers at Chroma Digital were routinely formatting their PC hard drives (every three to four months) before they switched to Firefox. We've been virus and spyware free for over three years.


"Once I turned my back on Internet Explorer, I never looked back. Except for times when I use one online database that supports Microsoft's dismal excuse for a browser, I never have much use for the blue lower-case "e" on my desktop. And more people now agree with me than ever before."

Arik Hesseldahl:

"Let the browser wars begin anew: This open-source program is streamlined, customizable, and just plain better. No wonder it has attracted millions of users in just a few months. Is it merely a coincidence that Microsoft finally plans to give the aging Internet Explorer the major overhaul it has needed for years?"

2005 Product of the Year:
PC World

"Of the two rivals, Firefox remains the better application."

IE 7 or Firefox 2—Which Browser Is Better?:
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